Frequently Asked Questions

I need a room adapted to my needs, is this possible?

When we conduct our research into the different apartments and hotels, we are very careful to choose accommodation that can be adapted to our customers needs. When you use our website to look at different accommodation that we offer, there is a drop down menu where you can select any requirements that you need, which will in turn filter through the ideal matches to you. As we deal with hotels and apartments who cater for disabled people it will be more unlikely that they cannot guarantee an accessible room.

I need oxygen whilst I am in the resort - is this something that you sort out?

We can absolutely sort out the hotels and apartments where this is available. Again, when you use our website, there is a drop down menu for any special requirements that you may need and oxygen requirements is one of these options. This means that it will get rid of any hotels from your search that do not cater for this.

What happens if I am travelling with my medication?

You need to be responsible for your medication at all times and you should have it to hand whilst you are travelling. Remember that is you are flying anywhere; your medication should be stowed in your hand luggage in case anything was to happen to your suitcase. Bear in mind that there are also restrictions on what liquids you can take on board the aircraft, so be sure that you check in early in case there are any unforeseen problems. You can put an extra bag in the hold free of charge containing your medical supplies; however this will need to be supported by a doctor's letter.

What happens if I run out of my medication whilst I am on holidays?

It is important to remember that your medication is your responsibility and therefore you need to make sure that you have brought enough with you on holiday as it may not always be easy to get a replacement prescription should yours run out.

Will I be alright to travel with my medical condition or disability?

Just like any holiday, it is important to consider the climate and terrain that you are going to, as even in the United Kingdom; it can affect existing medical conditions and disabilities. A lot of the regions we advertise, for example, the Scottish Highlands and The Lake District are known to be very hilly, with uneven terrain. It is important to also bear in mind how quickly help could arrive if you were to become unwell.

I think I have a suitable apartment - can I advertise it on your website?

If you think that you have an apartment that finds the needs of a person with physical disabilities then it is absolutely possible to advertise your business on our website. We charge a small fee of 30 per month and accept apartments from all over the United Kingdom. If you feel your accommodation, location and amenities fit what we are looking for, you can get in contact with us via the 'Contact Us' page.

Do I have to book months in advance to get an apartment that caters for my needs?

Although booking in advance lifts the stress and worry of finding somewhere to stay on time, particularly if you have any medical requirements, we often features last minute deals for hotels, where you can book right up until the day you wish to stay. If you require oxygen or electric beds, it is recommended that you do book a little in advance, just so we can make sure that you are getting everything that you ask for.